5 Food you should not cook in your Instant Pot

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“Never Put these things in your Instant Pot “

Through the magic of heat and steam, Instant Pots make cooking food so much quicker, sometimes by hours, especially when it comes to beans, rice, and tough cuts of meat. The Instant Pot is a great kitchen appliance, but it can’t cook everything safely and for certain foods, you may find the results inferior to more traditional cooking methods. It’s essential to know about that food you should not cook in your instant pot.

Here we listed 5 food or dishes you wouldn’t put in your pressure cooker.

1. Avoid Backing your Cookies in the instant pot 

  It doesn’t matter how you like your cookies, making them in the oven is always the best way. Although instant cookies seem fantastic, you’re better off utilizing a standard oven for cook cookies. Cookies cannot be adequately heated inside an Instant Pot because they require a level surface to bake on. Furthermore, it was impossible to fit that many across the bottom surface.

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 2. Kind of Seafood never put in your Instant pot 

In general, pressure and slow cooking are just not suitable for delicate seafood including fish, oysters, shrimp, clams, and muscles. They are items that must be swiftly prepared at the proper temperature, which is challenging to accomplish with an Instant Pot. A few extra seconds or the incorrect temperature can result in rubbery lumps or mush.

 3. Avoid Souce-vide Cooking Techniques 

Avoid using the majority of Instant Pot models with this popular cooking technique. Because it allows you to precisely manage the cooking temperature, the Instant Pot Max is an exception. If you intend to use your pressure cooker in this way, but don’t have an Instant Pot with that level of control, you are better off using an Instant Pot attachment to accomplish your sous-vide cooking.

 4. Never Cook Burgers in your Instant Pot 

one of the best things about the pressure cooking method is its hassle-free cooking technique. Food ingredients can be placed in the pot, the timer set, and you can walk away without worrying about it. But it’s difficult to cook a burger in your instant pot without keeping eye on it. Burgers that are cooked in an instant pot might be the result of overcooked or undercooked and lose your favorite taste and texture. So, avoid cooking burger in your instant pot, or never cook it in your pot.

5. Avoid to Stir-Fry cooking method 

 Any dish that needs consistent supervision while cooking is best to avoid cooked through your instant pot. The reason is that the instant pot cooking method works with some amount of liquid to make food sticky, so Stir- fry recipes should not try that needs to be evenly crisp and browned. Any recipe that requires Stir-fry is best done in your traditional cooking pan, pot or fryer.

All these recipes and dishes should be done away from your instant pot, the reason is that these are not perfect to cook in the pressure cooking method. If you want to put these items in your instant pot it might result in hazards.

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