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Functions of the Official 8-Piece Instant Pot Cook/Bake Set

Official Instant Pot Cook/Bake Set, 8-Piece, Compatible with 6-quart and 8-quart cookers, Red

This official Instant Pot 8-Piece Cook, Bake, and Steam Accessory Set maximize your Instant Pot’s limitless potential. Cook, bake, and steam multiple foods at once with this set and enjoy the convenience of pot-in-pot cooking. Ideal for steaming vegetables, baking fish, boiling eggs, and various other tasks.

Here is a review about this 8-piece instant pot cook/bake set :

Multiple Functionality: Prepare various ingredients in one pot by baking, steaming, and cooking, storing, reheating them together.

8 -Piece Sets Include: This set has an upper wire egg shelf, and a lower wire egg rack, this rack has a silicon lid, a round pan of stainless steel material, a removable base, and a removable divider.

Removable Divider: This set allows you to prepare different recipes at once.

Removeable Base: This set has a silicone ring that prevents leaks, and makes it easier to remove food.

Perfect for Egg Boiling: Hard- or soft-boiled eggs are perfect every time with egg trays.

Protectable Lid: This set has a snap-fit lid that protects food while it is cooking as well as stores it directly in the pan while it is cooking.

Pressure-Release Tabs: In this set, each lid has a pressure-release tab for steam release.

Safety Features: This set is made from stainless steel material and BPA-free Silicon heat resistant to 450° F (232° C).

Instant Pot Bake Set includes

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The Instant Pot has transformed the way home cooks around the world cook. With its simplicity, intelligence, and speed, the #1 best-selling premium pressure cooker enables you to quickly and easily prepare delicious, highly nutritious meals and treats.

  • 2 stainless steel round pan
  • 2 wire rack 
  • 2 red silicon lid
  • 1 removable divider 
  • 1 removable base

 With Instant Pot Accessories, you can get even more out of your Instant Pot experience—multi-use pans, multi-sized steamers, sturdy silicone, and wire egg racks, cook-time-printed cutting boards, plus tools, gadgets, and cutlery, all specially designed to work with your Instant Pot.

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